design idegenerering med lukt


In this workshop, you as a participant will have the opportunity to ideate how Munkebäcksparken can be designed with a focus on the senses to create an inclusive park. In the workshop, I want you to be aware that people experience the surroundings in different ways, where some people explore our world with other senses than the sight.

Through explorations with different senses and to increase bodily awareness, the aim of this workshop is to ideate design ideas on how senses such as smell, touch, or hearing can promote inclusiveness.

Listen to the audionarrative in english or in swedish to get a audio-descriptive of Munkebäcksparken.







The workshop is a part of The Weaving Workshop Revisited Symposium
8th-9th of October 2019 at Röhsska Museum

During 2019 it will be 100 years since the Bauhaus School was inaugurated. In this occasion Röhsska Museum invite to a two-day symposium about practice-based research in collaboration with the Research School of the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, at University of Gothenburg.

In the spirit of Bauhaus weaver, designer and writer Anni Albers, this symposium will focus on ways to make practice-based research public. Anni Albers is recognised as one of the first weavers who theorized weaving through the writing of essays as part of her work as a textile artist. Her influence continues to provide us with key references in textile research today.

Though an open public event at the Röhsska Museum, this autumn’s symposium aims to develop and implement research dialogues, exchanges and partnerships about how to make artisticresearch public on its own terms. This means moving beyond the confines of standardized academic text or power point lectures.

In the spirit of the interdisciplinary Bauhaus school, invited guests; students and researchers from the fields of fine, applied and performing arts will present research findings in dialogue with the academic community and the public.

  • The lectures will take place in English, whereas the workshop will take place in Swedish and English.
  • Be aware that photo recording can take place during the event.

The Weaving Workshop Revisited Symposium have been kindly supported by:
Estrid Ericson Stiftelsen, Slöjdforeningens projektstipendium and the Research School at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing arts at Gothenburg University.

The activities are a part of Gothenburg design festival. Produced in collaboration with HDK – The Academy of Design and Craft together with Mötesplats Röhsska.